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Our Mission

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As a school we aim to drive continuous improvement, seek innovative solutions and provide the best possible education and experience for our school community. It is our intention that every member of our school community will thrive in an environment which has kindness, hard work, creativity and mutual understanding at its heart.

Our School Ethos

Ingenuity: We will strive to be creative in all aspects of our work looking for new and better ways to overcome our challenges.

Christian Values:  We will place Christian values in our heart and let them guide us through all aspects of our daily lives.

Diligence:  We will demonstrate a strong work ethic and strive to do our very best in all our tasks.

Respect:  We will show regard for ourselves and those around us, treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Citizenship: We will understand the values associated with being citizen of the United Kingdom and seek to make the world a better place through active citizenship.

‘There is a very good ethos. The school has a clear educational philosophy, which is successful in practice enabling the pupils to make good progress.’ (OFSTED 2012)

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