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Year 6 Egyptian Day

Year 6 enjoyed learning all about Ancient Egypt with a visit from an Egyptologist from Horrible Histories.  Mark shared with us the history of how the ancient civilization started and how the Romans came and changed Egypt forever.  We learnt about Egyptian maths and measured in fingers, palms and cubits.  We played a game called Hounds and Jackals which was great fun!  Did you know that the eye of Horus was used to protect things which is why it is seen drawn and painted on so many Egyptian artefacts?  In the afternoon we looked at mummification and the Egyptian tombs even mummifying our very own Jake as the Pharaoh!

NSPCC Number Day

The children all enjoyed some great maths activities on Friday 2nd whilst raising money for the work of the NSPCC. Lots of small change was brought in which enabled many children to count and recognise coins, and to write down amounts of money with decimal notation. We all had a great day! Well done to Mr Wainwright and the Year 6 class, for being closest to estimating the Maltesers in the jar and well done to Mrs Cray and Foundation, for the Smarties in the jar estimates. Thank you for all your support to make this day such a success!

Year 5 Art - clay dragon eyes

Year 5 have spent the last few weeks designing and making dragon eyes from clay. They have been glazed and fired in our kiln and, I think you'll agree, look wonderful! Well done Year 5.

Harry Potter Feast - Years 5 and 6

We had such fun on Monday recreating a Hogwarts Christmas feast. What a wonderful end to our topic. The children and staff were dressed in some fantastic costumes. We had pumkin soup, bread wands and iced biscuits all cooked by the children in DT. 

Christmas Lunch

We all tucked into a wonderful Christmas lunch today, with Christmas songs playing and crackers popping. There was even a special guest appearence in Mrs Lane! 

Christmas Service

Another wonderful service in Boxford church; songs, poems, prayers, readings, brass, recorders and guitar! Just the thing to get us in the festive spirit!

Once in Royal.MP4

KS1 Nativity Play

Last week KS1 treated us to a lovely version of the Christmas story. Well done to all the children and all the families who came to watch and support.

Year 3 Christmas

On Tuesday we were very lucky! We had the privilege of a visit from two mothers, who come from another country, one from South Africa and one from Norway. They told us about Christmas in these countries. We learned about the custom of eating rotten trout in Norway, and we tasted delicious Christmas pudding from South Africa. We also watched one of the typical video clips shown as an advent to Christmas is Norway. Merci beaucoup!

video Norway.AVIvideo South Africa.AVI

Reception's Christmas play - A Snowman at Sunset

Yesterday the whole school were treated to a wonderful performance by our Reception class, and today they performed in front of their families for the first time. What a fantastic show, where every child shone! A big well done to all the staff and children for putting on such a spectacular performance.

Year 4 trip to Sutton Hoo

On Monday 20th November, year 4 travelled to Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge as part of our history topic, Anglo-Saxons. We handled lots of different artefacts, dressed up as Saxon warriors and explored the ancient burial mounds. We all had a wonderful day.

Bubbly Maths World Record attempt

Last Friday the year 5 and year 6 children took part in a ‘Bubbly Maths’ organised lesson. The lesson addressed the topic of ‘time’ and all the children had to try and estimate how long a minute was and take part in some other activities related to time. The lesson was part of a “Guinness World Record” challenge for the most amount of students taking part in a lesson on the same theme at the same time. There were lots of schools taking part both in the country and across the world. We had to have two independent witnesses so we are very grateful to Tom (the ICT technician) and to Paul (Mrs Clarke’s husband) who came in to do that role!

We now have to wait and see if we have the world record as all the paper work needs to be completed and returned from all the schools that took part. Watch this space!!!

Dress Down or Up Day for Open the Book

On the last day of the half term children cold dress down, or up as a bible character, all in aid of raising funds for 'Open the Book'. Open the Book is a project which offers primary school children an opportunity to hear the major stories of the Bible, from a team of volunteers from the localk church, who present the stories during assemblies. They visit Boxford every two weeks and the children thoroughly enjoy these assemblies. Below are some pictures of the children who chose to dress up as bible characters. Thank you to all our families for your kind donations. 

Year 4 Art

As part of our Anglo-Saxon topic, we have been designing and making 3D brooches. We spent time discussing and evaluating our final pieces. 

Harry Potter Studios

BEST. SCHOOL. TRIP. EVER! was said more than once on Monday when year 5 and 6 went to the Warner Bros Studios in Watford. The adults were just as excited (if not more!) than the children. It was a truly magical day. We got to see so many of the original sets; wandering through the Great Hall and down Diagon Alley, we even battled some Death Eaters! An experience, I am sure, that will never be forgotten. P.S I promise that's a Butterbeer I'm drinking!

European Day of Languages 2017

Last week we gave you a beautiful rendition of 'Savez-vous planter les choux?', during the harvest festival.  This week we have been 'travelling around the world'.  Today we have been celebrating the European Day of Languages, like many other schools in Europe.....

Our Reception children went to Poland.  They had fun making Polish flags and tasting Polish pancakes -Lacuch. Year 1 visited Italy and they made an Italian village. They also created necklaces using coloured pasta. Year 2 also spent time in Italy. They studied the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and sang an Italian song together. 

Years 3 and 4 travelled all the way to China. They investigated Chinese writing and attempted to use chopsticks! They looked at the Chinese Zodiac and painted fantastic fireworks.

Years 5 and 6 had the pleasure of visiting the Czech Republic, with a native speaker Mrs Scott - Scarlett's Mum.  The children made and tasted various foods including halusky, zelny salat and platski.  They designed fact files, made flags with mathematical precision and learnt to sing the National Anthem!

Well done Boxford!  Another wonderful day, full of new cultural experiences and surprises!  Now we can speak some Polish, Italian, Chinese and Czech!

Euro day 2017 Reception Poland.AVIEuro day 2017 y1 Italy.AVIEuro day 2017 y3 China.AVIEuro day 2017 y6 Czech Republic.AVI

Harvest Festival

Our first big event of the year was our annual Harvest Festival. Once again we were blown away by the generosity of all our parents as the church was bursting with produce. The donations will be split between residents in the village and the local foodbank.  A big thank you too to Rev. Judith for hosting the service and to all the classes for their wonderful prayers based on the Fruits of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

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