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Learning a language prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly carried out in languages other than English. It promotes initiative and independent learning and encourages diversity within society.  It is also fun.

Boxford Primary School supports the requirement that learning a foreign language is an entitlement for all pupils during their time in Key Stage 2. We are also committed to reaping the benefits of introducing foreign languages from the beginning of Key Stage 1.  The earlier that links are made between different languages, the more we learn about our own language. 

In many ways, this subject is cross curricular.  Enrichment language activities support our learning across the curriculum e.g. explicit study of other cultures, countries or religions, celebrations of other cultures, assemblies, displays, show and tell and our daily vocabulary and song practice in Key Stage 2.  See our school blog for details and photographs!


Key Stage 1: Children are introduced to the concept of intercultural understanding.  They learn that there are many countries, cultures and languages in the world.  They begin to learn basic vocabulary in various languages and participate in intercultural learning days, such as the European Day of Languages in September.  Young children are receptive and curious about new sounds and new words.  They are not so self-conscious about speaking in front of or to others in a foreign language.

Key Stage 2:  Children in Years 3-6 have an hour of French each week, taught by a language specialist. Equal emphasis is placed on the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and we integrate language learning into everyday school life e.g. register, today's date etc.  We foster a problem-solving approach, giving children opportunities to work out language use for themselves in a supportive context, where risk-taking and creativity are encouraged. Our planning and assessment is based on the RIGOLO programme, and Music and ICT are used to enhance teaching and learning.


We are delighted to announce that Boxford is now recognised as a Linguamarque Gold school. Mrs Tassel, our Primary Languages Coordinator, was visited in school by Dr Marina Dixon, Languages Advisor. 

Her purpose was to inspect the evidence of Primary Languages provision in the school as part of the school's bid for Linguamarque accreditation. This is a nationally recognised way of showing standards in the subject.

Congratulations to all the staff and children and especially Mrs Tassel who has worked tirelessly to achieve this award. 

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