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School Term Dates for the 2020/2021 Academic Year

Summer Term 2021

Monday 12th April - Friday 16th July 2021

Half term: Monday 31 May 2021 (May Bank Holiday) to Friday 4 June 2021

Non Pupil Days: Monday 19th July 2021; Tuesday 20th July 2021

School Term Dates for the 2021/2022 Academic Year

Autumn Term 2021

Thursday 2nd September - Friday 17th December 2021

Half term: Monday 25th October - Friday 29th October 2021

Non Pupil Days: Wednesday 1st September and Friday 22nd October 2021


Spring Term 2022

Wednesday 5th January - Friday 8th April 2022

Half term: Monday 21st February - Friday 25th February 2022

Non Pupil Days: Tuesday 4th January 2022


Summer Term 2022

Monday 25th April – Wednesday 20th July 2022

Half term: Monday 30th may - Friday 3rd June 2022

Non Pupil Days: Monday 6th June 2022 and Thursday 21st July

Drop off and pick up details

With school open again, please find detailed instructions about drop off and pick up.  These measures have been put in place to keep the school community safe and to maintain social distancing.  Please drop off and pick up promptly as other groups will be arriving around this time frame and making their way to different parts of the building.  Please leave the area promptly at the end of the school day. Timings are quite tight but we want to ensure the maximum amount of in school time and cause minimum disruption to everyone’s established routines.

Start of the Day – children wash hands on arrival and at regular intervals throughout the day

Year 6 8.30am enter from playground via back door

Year 5 8.35am enter from playground via first KS2 corridor door AT ALL OTHER TIMES THIS DOOR IS EXIT ONLY

Year 4 8.40 enter via hall door/ KS2 corridor/ up stairs

Year 3 8.45 enter via hall door/KS2 corridor/up stairs

Year 2 8.45 enter via playground – wait on playground to be collected by Year 2 staff

Year 1 8.50 enter via playground – wait on playground to be collected by Year 1 staff

Year R 8.50 enter via Year R playground and first entrance door.

  • Parents are not permitted to enter the building/classes unless by prior appointment except the office foyer – please respect social distancing and please wear a mask.
  • Car park gates will be partially open to widen pathways at start and end of the school day
  • Children will be ‘late’ 10 minutes after official start time


End of day

Year R 3.00 – collected from EYFS playground

Year 1 3.00 – collected from field side of main playground

Year 2 3.05 collect from gate side of school playground

Year 3 3.00 collect from hall door

Year 4 3.10 collect from hall door

Year 5 3.10 collect from field side of playground

Year 6 3.15 – collect from gate side of playground or walk home with written permission

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