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Pupil Premium Funding 2017-2018

What is Pupil Premium Funding?

Pupil Premium Funding is allocated by the Government to support the learning and development of pupils who are registered as eligible for free school meals over the past 6 years (Ever6), Looked After Children, and pupils living with adoptive parents or are privately fostered.

“The Pupil Premium for disadvantaged pupils will provide additional funding specifically linked to disadvantaged pupils; with the primary objective of boosting their attainment…We will expect schools to account to parents for how it is used.” (page 81, White Paper 2010)

How much has Boxford CEVC Primary School received?

In the 202017-2018 financial year, we expect to receive £24,200.00 in Pupil Premium Funding.

How Boxford CEVC Primary School is spending the Pupil Premium Funding:

At Boxford CEVC Primary School we use this significant funding in a variety of ways to ensure that eligible pupils and their families are well supported so that pupils can make the expected or better than expected progress in their learning.

What barriers to learning do Pupil Premium children face?

Pupil premium children can face a number of different barriers.

  • Attendance levels are lower and this has a direct impact on progress, attainment and social inclusion. 
  • Some PP children will havae attended a number of different educational settings. This can result in gaps in their education and can lower social inclusion.
  • Aspirations can be lower, resulting in lower progress and attainment
  • Wider experience and extra curricular up take is lower.

Technology improvement: In order to increase our pupils’ attainment in English we will be purchasing new tablets to ensure they are able to easily access tech during class time. For example quizzing quickly and easily on Accelerated Reader. Completing vocabulary and spelling games and


Specialist TA support: Teaching Assistants lead a range of intervention programmes for identified children including Speech & Language support, Toe by Toe, Drawing & Talking, Gym Trail and Precision Spellings and Maths.


Intervention programme for Maths: We will continue to deliver the Catch up Maths intervention program across KS2.


Intervention programme for English: We will continue to fund and deliver the Switch On literacy program in KS1 and 2.


Extra-Curricular Support: We fund extra-curricular activities for some children, either fully funded or part funded.  For example, school day trips, Y6 residential and after school clubs led by external providers. 


Personal allowance: We may use the Pupil Premium funding to fund personal needs such as uniform.


Continued Speech and Language support: The school will continue to employ an advisory Speech and Language specialist for identified children, particularly for early intervention in Foundation – Year 3.




How will we measure the impact of this spending?

The impact of our pupil premium spending will be monitored in the following ways:

  • pupil progress meetings - closely monitoring the progress made by PP children
  • teacher assessment 
  • tracking performance on termly tests

As the school’s Pupil Premium spending is developed, we will endeavour to update you on the impact of this spend - next review meeting Summer 2018.

Pupil Premium impact 2017

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