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Year 4 trip to West Stow

Boxford’s smashing Saxons take over West Stow.

What a superb day! We handled artefacts, showcased our knowledge, dressed as Saxons, explored a Saxon village and stormed into battle.

A wonderful time was had by all and an excellent example of how fantastic year 4 are.

Year 6 trip to Sizewell B power station

Year 6 enjoyed a visit to Sizewell B power station where they learnt all about how electricity is generated.  They investigated circuits and found out about AC currents and DC currents by using dance moves too!  A quiz was taken in the visitors’ centre of the exhibits and an investigation linked to jelly and friction was enjoyed by all.

Year 5 Harry Potter trip to Warner Bros Studio

Year 5 had a fantastic day exploring the costumes, sets and design of the Harry Potter films. We even got to duel with some Death Eaters! Children got to see first hand how green screen works by having a photo of themselves of a broomstick flying over Hogwarts! An amazing experience for all. 

Year 6 DT - Making buzzer games

After studying electrical circuits in detail, looking at the effect of wire thickness and the number of bulbs in a circuit it was time for Year 6 to put their skills to the test.

They designed their own ‘buzz game’ thinking carefully about how it would appeal to a child as a game.  After making the net of the base, they then moulded the thick wire and attached a circuit with a buzzer.  The handle was then constructed and a more rigid metal hook was added to complete the game.  Next half term we will be making spiders with lit up eyes to apply our science learning further.

Year 2 Police visit

In Year 2 the police came to visit us. We went inside the car, tried on police uniform, heard the sirens and Miss Abrehart got handcuffed! It was fantastic!

Year 2 Quill making

Last week we made and used quills to write our diary entries— just like Samuel Pepys did during the Great Fire!

European Day of Languages

On this day we joined in with the many festivities across Europe and celebrated cultural and linguistic diversity across the world. We had so much fun learning about different countries and languages.

  • Reception studied Poland – singing, dancing, making Polish donuts and flags.
  • Year One studied Hungary – eating coconut balls, exploring animal noises and singing Old MacDonald in Hungarian.
  • Year Two studied Hawaii – dancing, making tiki masks, canoes and Hawaiian fruit salad.
  • Year Three studied the Philippines – food tasting, researching, counting and hearing about Christmas traditions.
  • Year Four studied South Africa – food tasting and researching animals, languages and art. 
  • Year Five studied Italy – making Venetian masks and brushcetta and researching Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Year Six studied China – cooking stir fry noodles, using chopsticks and exploring Chinese maths and art. 

We would like to thank all the Parents who contributed to our learning experience on this day. Your contributions are extremely valuable.

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